Tracka was developed by Rimon Advisory, a leading R&D Tax Incentive consulting firm.

Through our dealings with many of our clients, we identified 3 main areas of need in the incentive for Technology based Research & Development.

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How We Help. 


Tracka increases your RDTI compliance while keeping your developers happy. This is how we do it:

1. Developer Efficiency

  • Your developers love Jira and don't want to jump to other software if not required to.
  • Tracka seamlessly plugs into Jira and forms part of the day - day activities 

2. Audit Risk Mitigation

  • The riskiest part of an R&D tax incentive audit is the attributing of R&D time to R&D staff
  • Further to this, the ATO don't enjoy getting a “dump” of R&D information as they find that linking the information to R&D activities is very difficult

  • Tracka is able to connect your in-house Jira issues directly to R&D Activities. This specific feature shows transparency and clarity around the R&D being performed and how it meets the RDTI legislation

3. Time Saving

  • Tracka is incredibly user friendly and effortlessly automates otherwise laborious administrative tasks relating to your R&D Tax Incentive claim.
  • You can save your team countless hours of valuable time.

How to Install.

We have made it super simple to install and use Tracka. Just follow the three steps and videos below:

Step One - The Basics

Install Tracka in your Jira account for Classic Projects.

Step One - The Basics

Install Tracka in your Jira account for Next-Gen Projects.

Step Two - Create Activities

Create Core and Supporting R&D Activities.

Step Three - Bulk Assign Issues

Automatically assign pre-existing Jira issues to R&D activities. 

Our Goal.

Tracka has been developed with the aim of making life easier for companies using the R&D Tax Incentive and at the same time increasing their RDTI compliance significantly.

We encourage R&D claimants to create their own R&D activities as they come up during the financial year. The activities don't need to be perfect as they are being created.

Your R&D provider should review and amend these self-created R&D activities before an R&D claim is submitted as the R&D law is complex and Tracka wasn't created as a replacement for true industry expertise.

If you would like to discuss this point further please reach out to the Rimon Advisory team here.