R&D Tax Incentive & Export Market Development Grant Specialists

Rimon About

Our Name.

A Rimon is a pomegranate in Hebrew.

For our team the pomegranate holds two very distinct and personal insights:


Insight 1: Growth

The Seeds

  • We view our clients as the seeds in the pomegranate.
  • Each with untold potential.

The Outer Shell

  • We view Rimon Advisory as the outer shell. The outer shell protects the seeds and assists them in their growth.
Insight 2: Good Deeds

The Pomegranate fruit is a very prominent fruit in the Jewish religion.

It is said that the many seeds within the fruit represent the many good deeds available to a person.

We chose the symbol of the pomegranate as it represents both the desire for financial growth and also the drive to do good.


A True Understanding Breeds Superior Results.

When it comes to our core 2 services, the R&D Tax Incentive and the Export Market Development Grant, everything is in the detail.

Our job is to take your passion (your business) and transform that into a story that both captures the interest of the reader but at the same time meets each technical fine detail of the acts governing these 2 grants.

The only way to achieve this is to understand you and your business for who you really are and what you are aiming to achieve - this is always our beginning point.

Experts at What We Do.

We then take our understanding and open that up to are 2 areas of expertise:

  • Our technical team, made up of Engineers and Computer Scientists
  • Our financial team, made up of Chartered Accountants and financial experts


Through this process we use Storytelling to craft Your Story and mesh that with our skills, knowledge and expertise to submit a grant application that gives your business the highest chance of success