Venture Funding

The ability to raise capital is an essential part of building a successful tech company. We see ourselves as active strategic investors who open up new networks and get involved in assisting the growth of our investments.

Rimon’s access to capital is made up of 2 main areas:
We also understand that, as a start-up, it can be difficult to get quality investors to pitch to. With this in mind we have created:
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Rimon Investments

Rimon Investments is our early stage seed investment vehicle.

We use our R&D Tax Incentive service as our due diligence on early stage technology opportunities.

Our clients that show promise of being the right fit for Rimon Investments are offered an opportunity to pitch to our Investment Committee. Both Rimon Investments and Rimon Capital share a world class Investment Committee (who are also some of the investors).

Jon Shein, Steve Nola and Gary Burg are amongst some of the members of the committee.
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Rimon Capital

Rimon Capital is a consortium of high net worth individuals that can provide funding for follow on rounds of the Rimon Investments seed portfolio.

The consortium is made up of technology, start up and private equity professionals. 

There are also large technology and private equity corporates involved in the consortium.

Turning On the Tap

At Rimon we understand that it can be tough breaking into the right circles to get quality investors to pitch to.

With this problem in mind we have created an exclusive opportunity for Rimon Grants and Advisory clients to be able to pitch to Rimon Capital without a vetting process.

“Turning on the Tap” is Rimon’s pitch event, affording our clients an opportunity to pitch to world class investors.
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