Fusion - Powered by Rimon

Great ideas, with great teams, make great businesses that can create change.

Rimon Advisory and Rimon Investments are looking for a talented Founder with a cutting-edge idea.

new team will be formed between the Founder and Rimon in order to build out and commercialise the idea. 

The following are some of the benefits being afforded to this opportunity:
  • A salary for the founder
  • The Rimon Team
    • Who have years of experience assisting start-ups commercialise and grow
    • Are experts in Australian government funding
    • Have a large network within the Australian start-up community
  • Rimon Investments & Rimon Capital
    • Access the funding that is required to build a technology company
  • RImon's Advisory Board
    • Access to an astute Advisory Board that will take an active involvement in building out this idea
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